The Viagio Blueprint

The blueprint process aligned and enabled our teams to build a seamless experience for our users.

Patrick Rice, Deputy Chief Technology Officer

How a Blueprint Can Help

When tackling a new project, your business may have a general idea of what you want to accomplish, but could use help defining the true scope of the solution and the roadmap to get there. Viagio’s Blueprint process is a thorough discovery, accomplished through strategic conversations, that identifies the underlying problem as well as how best to go about solving that problem.

Setting You Up for Success

The process begins by utilizing stakeholder input, subject matter expertise, technical expertise, and user feedback to understand the root of the problem. Our team will examine and challenge any pre-existing ideas to uncover what needs to be built considering each perspective. The end result sets the development project up for a fast path to success and future ROI.

The Process

We’ll spend roughly 6-8 weeks doing a deep dive to uncover the core needs of your project. The effort is divided into three key phases:

  • Research – Utilize user feedback, stakeholder input, subject matter expertise, and technical expertise to best understand the problem.
  • Solutioning – Iterate and validate hypothesis, refine requirements.
  • Planning – Define an actionable roadmap and measurable results.

The Team

A cross-discipline team examines your project from different perspectives, providing unique insights from each.

  • Senior Engineer / Architects
  • Delivery Management
  • Product Managers
  • UX Designers
  • Account Strategy

The Results

Deliverables are shared throughout the duration of the project, with continuous collaboration and communication.

  • A summary that details insights gained in the research phase.
  • Design artifacts ranging from personas and journey maps to low fidelity mockups and high-fidelity, clickable prototypes.
  • Planning artifacts include technical recommendations, cost-to-build estimates, and ROI considerations.

Blueprint Deliverables

* Final deliverables are customized for every project and may vary within each unique blueprint engagement.