Kingland Systems

Kingland Systems needed to scale its website to an engaging and simple mobile application quickly. They were able to deliver an exceptional solution to their users through a powerful partnership.

  • Product Strategy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Full-stack Engineering
  • Cloud & Infrastructure

“The blueprint experience enabled our teams to collaborate efficiently, designing software that delivers a seamless client experience.”

~ Patrick Rice, Deputy Chief Technology Officer

The Challenge

Kingland needed to take a seasoned, feature-rich application from a web app to a mobile app in a short timeframe.  It was a challenge for a team without mobile experience to transition a large platform into a cohesive, intuitive and simple to use mobile application.

The Approach

Starting with Viagio Blueprint, we provided diagrams and outlined workflows to show Kingland’s clients what was possible and what the solution could look like as a mobile app before it was built.  Then, a comprehensive, mobile solution was built in under seven months, allowing  Kingland to deliver the solution quickly to their customers.

The Result

The solution provided Kingland’s customers with an enhanced user experience through dynamic UI, as they gained additional  capabilities with a mobile application. Now, users could be regulatory compliant wherever they were, without the need for a computer screen.   

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Viagio Technologies Our Work

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