U.S. Engineering

Viagio Technologies provided a supplemental, integrated development team that helped to produce a member-based communication app quickly, on budget, and on time.

“We took a brand new approach in developing custom software. [We] reached out because we knew that [Viagio Technologies] were the best in town and that they were an emerging technology group that we could trust.”

~ Ryan Reed, Senior Technology Manager

The Challenge

U.S. Engineering wanted to create a new version of their company-wide communication tool, NEST, that functions as a news aggregator and article manager to keep all team members informed in a simple, streamlined way. The new version needed to be built for greater scale and in a tight turnaround for delivery. The team chose to pursue a custom application as there was nothing that aligned with what was needed off the shelf. U.S. Engineering has an Application Development Engineering Team that partnered with Viagio Technologies to design, develop and deliver the new version of the application.

The Approach

Viagio worked with U.S. Engineering to identify their partnership needs and assembled a team to work with the firm, led by a software architect with a history of working with U.S. Engineering to quickly onboard team members that fit. The two teams worked side-by-side, seamlessly applying knowledge and expertise to drive the entire process, while helping the U.S. Engineering team learn and grow.

The Result

With strategic integration, the combined Viagio and U.S. Engineering team was able to build, test, and stay ahead of all milestones and requirements at an accelerated pace.  Within two months, U.S. Engineering was able to launch its new NEST 2.0 application across the organization, developing a stronger, better-equipped engineering team internally, and staying both on time and on budget.  

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Viagio Technologies Our Work

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