The Value of Partnership – Opendorse’s Tech Voyage with Viagio 

When the NCAA cleared the way for collegiate athletes to monetize their own name, image and likeness (NIL), Opendorse saw the opportunity to build a platform to provide the athletes, institutions, and supporters with a place to connect. But, they had to move fast! 

Opendorse recognized that there were many challenges that had to be addressed in the new NIL space, from NCAA compliance to supporting and protecting athletes in a new space. But, the NIL landscape was constantly changing and their solution needed to be evolutionary, flexible, and user-friendly. Not to mention designed, engineered, and delivered to be first to market. Viagio harnessed its expertise and experience in product discovery and agile design, UX insight, and engineering to drive the technology solution from ideation to delivery, ensuring the team effort was seamless and the Opendorse NIL solution met the needs of the business and users, and ultimately developing trust in the partnership.  

Ashley Topping, Director of Marketing at Viagio Technologies, sat down with Opendorse CTO Tommy Vacek to discuss the integral role Viagio played in the Opendorse effort. 

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