Transformation Team, Assemble!

What is a Digital Transformation Team?

In today’s business landscape, digital transformation is a necessity of growth and modernization. Evolving business requirements give rise to new business processes, customer needs and experiences, development approaches, organizational structures, and even a new sense of company culture and identity. Digital transformation meets these challenges as a company-wide, collaborative effort to redefine, grow, and refine.  

All great teams demonstrate common characteristics whether in sports, performance, or digital transformation. Each team member contributes to the success of the team and its efforts, supports and complements one another and offers unique areas of expertise. Often, skillsets overlap creating a more powerful and supportive team. With the right mixture people and skillsets in play, a digital transformation team can drive better customer relationships, quality business opportunities, and forward-thinking growth and profitability. 

Digital transformation is as much about the people and the parts they play as it is the technologies they employ. Empowering those people to identify and affect positive change within an organization is key to its success. 

So, who is on the Digital Transformation Team?

As in other team-driven efforts, a good Digital Transformation Team has established positions and expectations. Having the right team member with the right talents, skills and motivation on the team is the first step in digital transformation success.

While each role requires specific skillsets and responsibilities, those specifics may also be addressed by other team members. Overlapping talents and efforts are more than a bonus, they are the key! The collaboration across dedicated skillsets and ownership of responsibilities creates strong teams and outstanding outcomes. 

With that in mind, Digital Transformation Teams can and should be configured to match the individual needs of each project. For example, if a project requires only supplemental engineering support and a dedicated Product Manager, a team will be created specifically to speak to those needs. 

Ideally, Digital Transformation Teams include five to eight experts. Large teams can begin to lose efficiency and bloat collaboration structures. At the very least, a Digital Transformation Team should include: 

  • Account Strategist  
  • Product Manager 
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • UX/UI Designer  
  • Data Scientist
  • Delivery Manager
  • Software Engineers /Engineer Lead
  • QA Engineer 

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