Midwest Tech Partnership Delivers Mobile Solutions to Largest Accounting Firms in the World


The blueprint experience enabled our teams to collaborate efficiently, designing software that delivers a seamless client experience.

Patrick Rice, Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Kansas City, Missouri – Local software development firm, Viagio Technologies, formerly Artisan Tech Group, has partnered with Kingland, a financial services technology company, to extend a seasoned, feature-rich web application to an intuitive and simple to use mobile app, allowing their customers to be regulatory compliant on and offline, wherever their location.

Kingland’s Independence application has been used by some of the largest global accounting firms for more than a decade to help these massive firms avoid conflicts of interest across their global workforce. With the pandemic impacting how people work world-wide, it became critical for these robust compliance features to be available to associates wherever they were, and to leverage push notifications to accelerate, reduce risk and get to compliance faster.

Extending complex features of a mature web application into an intuitive mobile app requires specific mobile-design expertise to help define what capabilities users will actually need on their phone, and how those interactions and workflows would be simplified to provide the best possible user experience.

Thanks to the partnership and collaboration between Viagio and Kingland, Kingland launched the new Independence mobile app for Android and iOS devices in 2022 and has seen incredible success from users across the globe. “This partnership allowed our teams to come together and release the application from start to finish in around 7 months. For this scale of problem and this market, that’s a very fast turn-around time to achieve our customer’s objectives.” Patrick Rice, Director of Solution Architecture says.

The application will help improve compliance rates for Kingland’s clients and solidifies Kingland as the leader in regulartory compliance solutions for these complex global organizations.

Jeff Nichols, Delivery Manager at Viagio states “The relationship is the key component of any project. We have a reputation for expertise and excellence in the field that we work in. But without building a solid relationship, you’re never going to get the results that you need.”

Partnerships like this aren’t new to the Viagio team. In fact, Viagio continues to emphasize the value of their partnership with clients throughout the entire software development lifecycle. From discovery to development to launch. “When kicking off with our clients, we prioritize user-experience through user design approach during our Blueprint process. This is key to the success of our client’s projects,” Nichols says. Viagio Technology Group continues to support their clients through this process.