Why the Name Viagio Technologies?

The evolution of Artisan to Viagio marks an exciting new milestone that aligns with our future growth. Over the past 10 years, Artisan has delivered more strategic and complex products to larger and more innovative clients. We are the go-to, trusted partner for custom software development for our clients. We are expanding across the Midwest with a vision of bringing five products to market over the next five years.

So What Does it Mean?

Viagio, Italian for voyage or journey, perfectly captures the voyage of discovery we take our clients on in our blueprint and development processes in building the right solution, fast.

How Do You Pronounce Viagio?

  • vi‧àg‧gio        

What Does Our Logo Mark Mean?

  • The V, I, and A intersect on a “road” or map to not only spell the first three letters but indicate a mapped voyage. The circle represents the dot of the “I” but also serves as a “you are here” marker.